Nokia’s Lumia 900 Generating Positive Buzz Ahead of Release

Nokia’s new Lumia 900 Windows phone is set to hit AT&T stores April 8 and pre-release buzz has been very positive. An ORC Social Buzz (powered by Infegy’s Social Radar) search dating back to January 2012 reveals that positive sentiment for the phone is at 87%, while negative sentiment is just at 9%. The Passion index is also “Very High” on the positive side, meaning, there are a lot of enthusiastic comments about the phone. For example, Mashable’s review calls the Lumia 900 a “great smartphone,” while Gizmodo says “[t]he Lumia 900 is a phone that every single person should consider owning.”

Sentiment: Lumia 900

Source: ORC International

The slew of new reviews and the upcoming release date is driving overall mentions for the phone. On April 4, Lumia 900 was mentioned in over 180,000 (and counting) conversations; this is the second biggest day in terms of volume for the phone, behind January 10, 2012, the day it was launched at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Total Posts: Lumia 900

Source: ORC International

So what are the key conversation themes for the phone? Not surprisingly, 26% of posts are talking about the cost of the Lumia 900, which will be $99 with a two year AT&T commitment. Thanks to the low cost of the phone, 87% of those posts are positive. Meanwhile, other leading topic categories include Expectations (24%), Quality (15%), Attractiveness (10%), Creativity and Achievement (5%).

Source: ORC International

Most of the conversations about the Lumia 900 have taken place on blogs (46%) and microblogs, followed by forums (8%) and Images (2%). The most influential blogs talking about the phone are EngadgetMashable,  TUAW- The Unofficial Apple WeblogTechcrunch and Gizmag.

Categories: Lumia 900

Source: ORC International

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