Instagram is having the Best Week Ever

In the span of one week, photo sharing app Instagram finally became available to Android users- quickly amassing five million downloads in just six days– and was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion. In other words, Instagram is having its best week…ever!

Not surprisingly, both the acquisition and the launch of an Android version have significantly raised Instagram’s online profile. In fact, in the last six months, the app has been mentioned every 0.032 seconds in almost 500 million conversations. Of course, the highest number of mentions occurred on the days the Android app was released and the Facebook acquisition was announced.

Source: ORC International

Sentiment for Instagram is also extremely positive. During the last six months, 83% of mentions have been positive while 17% have either been negative or mixed. In addition, a review of the Passion Index, which measures sentimental intensity, reveals that its “Very High” on the positive side and “Very Low” on the negative side.











Source: ORC International

It should be noted however, that sentiment surrounding the Facebook acquisition has been somewhat less stellar. Since Saturday April 7, negative sentiment has reached 20%. This is mostly driven by a group of people who think the Facebook purchase is bad for Instagram.

A review of Instagram-related conversation drivers reveals that Facebook and Android are at the top of the list. At its peak—on April 9— Instagram appeared in 32% of all Fabook conversations. Additionally, on April 3 and 4, Instagram appeared in 43% and 44% of Android conversations, respectively.

Source: ORC International

The majority of Instagram mentions have occurred on blogs (65%) and microblogs (26%). Interestingly, a review of top sources by number of relevant posts reveals that Tumblr users are also avid Instagram users. In fact, when sorted by number of relevant posts almost all of the top 100 sources are Tumblr pages with some posting in excess of 1,000 Instagram pictures in a six month span.

Source: ORC International

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