Blackberry 10 Gets Positive Reaction

It’s no secret that Research In Motion (RIM), maker of the once popular Blackberry, is in trouble. Recent analyst reports estimate the company’s market share in the smartphone space may fall below 5% and its financials show that year-over -year fourth quarter revenue dipped a whopping 25%.

In an effort to reverse its downward trend RIM introduced the new BlackBerry 10 operating system and a Dev Alpha test device at its BlackBerry World conference on May 1.

So far, online reaction to the software has been good. Since the announcement was made, mentions of Blackberry 10 have been 87% positive. In addition, mentions of RIM in the context of the new OS have also been positive. For example, “RIM” has a positivity score of 81% in the last week, while the positivity for the keyword “Research in Motion” is at 86%.

Source: ORC International

So what’s driving the online buzz for Blackberry 10? Two features have bubbled up to the surface: the Alpha phone’s lack of a physical keyboard and the camera. The term “keyboard” appears in 16% of all BlackBerry 10 posts and has a positivity score of 86%. Meanwhile, conversations about the camera— which has facial recognition and leaves room for photo editing–are 80% positive and appear in 10% of all BlackBerry 10 mentions.

Source: ORC International

Also worth pointing out is that the topic categories for BlackBerry 10 are also positive. Fourteen percent of all posts have to do with expectations (83% positive) for the OS, while another 11% are related to quality and have a positivity of 72%.

Source: ORC International

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