Election 2012 Has Come to a Close!

ORC International is pleased to share highlights from our CNN|ORC International 2012 election polls.

ORC International is pleased to be a partner to CNN on the CNN|ORC International poll. For the last six years, ORC International has conducted national polls, state-level polls, post-debate and speech polls, as well as polls to support CNN documentaries. The polls, regularly seen on CNN and other media stations and outlets worldwide, highlights insight on the nation’s perceptions of candidates, topics and issues.

ORC International successfully completed 27 election-based polls, 4 instant post-debate polls with over 25,000 completed interviews from August to election day. Our results were impressive and captured America’s sentiments on the key issues facing the nation today, battleground states, game-changing voters, and more!

View our infographic of election poll highlights

We’re please to note some key accomplishments of our CNN|ORC Polling team.

All poll results from late August to election day were well within the margin of error for the final election results.

CNN became the standard for post-debate polls with our results delivered to them within 50 minutes of the end of each of the four debates held.

Our final three polls were successfully delivered during the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, an extraordinary effort by our entire team.

Want to read more on the election and our polls results?

Click here for the list of poll result articles

Click here to see our polls in action on CNN’s election recap video 

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Author:Tameka Vasquez

Tameka is the Marketing Communications Coordinator at ORC International. ORC International is a leading global market research firm. We specialize in research related to Customer Equity, Employee Engagement, Business & Market Expansion and Product Development & Innovation. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook!


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