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ORC International is a leading global research firm with offices across the U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific. Offering Social Buzz, the latest framework in social listening and analytics, ORC International combines traditional and forward thinking methodologies, technology, industry expertise and skilled research professionals to provide the most comprehensive review and hands-on analysis of your selected brands and topics.

Gain an immediate edge by understanding what people are saying about your brand online. This service blends human insights with sophisticated social listening technology. The result is a quick-turnaround, 360-degree analysis on your brands and topics that can help shape your overall strategies and integrate with your existing market research to support initiatives including customer strategies, product development, branding, campaign measurement and competitive intelligence.  Depending on your needs and budget, ORC has packaged solutions to meet your social analytics needs.

In addition to the social listening suite of services, ORC International offers an array of business and industry research expertise, and has partnered with CNN since 2006 on the CNN|ORC International poll, and is founding member of the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO).

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For more social media information, please visit us at www.orcinternational.com.

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