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Mayer’s Measures Vs. Moms, Millennials and Modern Views of Work

Seven months into her position as Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer has caused an uproar over her latest decision to ban the option to work from home. This means all Yahoo! employees will be required to come into the office every day and if they can’t or won’t by the required date (the start of June), […]

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Come Next Monday, All You’ll Hear are Consumer Mouse Clicks

“Cyber Monday” is the marketing term for the Monday following “Black Friday” that, since its debut in 2005, has been a pinnacle online shopping day of the year. For years online retailers have seen an increase in web traffic beginning the Monday after Thanksgiving break. Once more and more companies began to catch on, many […]

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Buyer Be Ready, Mobile Wallets are on the Rise

There has been significant chatter on the rise of mobile payments and how this emerging technology could potentially disrupt how we buy and sell. However, it may be confusion over the entire mobile pay concept that is the biggest barrier to adoption. While there are a number of business models in the mobile payments world, […]

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