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Improper Use of “Artisan” can Create Controversy

SmallBizTrendCast recently named “artisanal” as its leading food trend for 2012: “Not new, but still going strong, “artisanal” originally referred to handcrafted foods but is now springing up everywhere. The term has even trickled down to quick-service restaurants, with major chains like Jack in the Box touting “artisanal” breads as a selling point.”However, brands should […]

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Consumers Start Christmas Shopping Early

New reports show that in an effort to get the best deals, consumers are starting their Christmas shopping early this year. According to the National Retail Federation, about 39% of Americans have already started their holiday shopping, up two percentage points from 2010. “Bargain-hunters have a new game plan. They are getting organized early and […]

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Consumers Angry About Bank Fees

Consumers are seeing an increase in many fees for bank accounts, while at the same time they’re losing some perks that are associated with their debit cards. In fact, the concept of free checking accounts may soon be a thing of the past. What is driving this increase in fees? Regulatory efforts – designed to […]

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