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Election 2012 Has Come to a Close!

ORC International is pleased to share highlights from our CNN|ORC International 2012 election polls. ORC International is pleased to be a partner to CNN on the CNN|ORC International poll. For the last six years, ORC International has conducted national polls, state-level polls, post-debate and speech polls, as well as polls to support CNN documentaries. The polls, regularly seen on […]

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Nothing Like the Sound of Autumn Leaves Crunching While Political Pots are Boiling

Many people are waking up these days with sore throats and runny noses from the temperature switch, but luckily social media participation isn’t dependent on either body part being in optimal shape. For those feeling a fever coming on, it’s probably from the Election Day bug, arriving in 20 days. Tuesday night was the second presidential debate, […]

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First Showdown Sends the Online World into Political Frenzy

Between the supporters, the challengers, the undecided and the unconcerned this political season, there is an overwhelming amount of conversation bombarding radios, television screens, news publications and social media pages everywhere. The three presidential debates and the one between running mates will cover topics spanning the economy, foreign policy, healthcare, education, the role of government, […]

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